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Name:Tales of Dreams
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Community description:A Tales Series Roleplay Dressing Room

~Tales of Dreams~

The purpose behind this Tales of-based dressing room is to have a place to test out characters and to just have free-form fun. WHAT THIS MEANS: As long as you follow the rules below, anything goes. If you wish to have on-going storylines set in the dressing room, great! If you only want to post/comment to get a feel on a character or see if you like playing them, also fine!
RULES: - Drama and wank will not be tolerated in the comm. Take it up in your personal journal or places geared towards such things. - Characters can come from vastly different RPs or canons. They may not behave how you expect or think they should. Do NOT go harping on people about this! Everyone is allowed to play their version of a character in their own way. Don't take IC actions and comments as an insult against you or your opinion. - Godmoding will not be permitted in any way. If it is not your character and you don't have permission, you may not decide what happens to them/what they will do. - All kinds of versions of characters are allowed. AU, genderswitch, timeskip, and more. All kinds of content is also allowed. The only requirement is that posts containing adult content or comments be marked with a NSFW (not safe for work) warning. - If you have any questions or concerns, contact the mods and we will do our best to help resolve any problems that may have arisen. - Please post only with character journals and only RP posts. Feel free to watch the community with your personal journal.

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